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Posted on 3 July, 2024

Smart Flux Drives Innovation and Efficiency with AJAX Chatbot for Ian Taylor

Digital logistics solutions company Smart Flux has reached a new milestone for its customers and business partners by implementing artificial intelligence-based chatbots, differentiating itself from other options in that its natural language processing capabilities allow it to simulate human behavior, understanding customer questions and answering them as if it were a customer service executive.

Its client in Chile, the Ian Taylor shipping agency, will make the AJAX chatbot, which has been developed using Salesforce Inc. solutions and integrated into Ian Taylor’s container release portal in Chile, available to users of its cargo release portal. This advancement seeks to radically improve the customer support process and user experience.

Philipp von Meyenn, CEO of Empresas Taylor, expressed his enthusiasm: “AJAX is an additional innovation to the ones we have implemented over the last 5 years, with which we have been revolutionizing Ian Taylor’s responsiveness and efficiency, positioning ourselves as a digital shipping agent. This chatbot will greatly simplify our daily operations and improve the satisfaction of our shipping customers and importers and customs brokers. This Chatbot is a complement to the work of our agency, which has always been recognized for its high level of service and responsiveness. With this innovation we will be available 24/7 for the users of our container release portal.”

Rafael Widow, the engineer in charge of the project at Smart Flux, highlighted the advanced technology behind the chatbot: “We are happy because we have implemented the artificial intelligence tool known as Natural Language Processing (NLP). Using this technology we have developed AJAX, a robot that understands human language and responds in a natural way, improving user-system interaction in the context of the supply chain and specifically in the release of containers”.

This achievement ratifies Smart Flux’s commitment to technological innovation and the continuous improvement of logistics processes through digitalization.