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Posted on 18 April, 2023

Ian Taylor Container Release Portal incorporates Chubb Seguros Chile

Ian Taylor Container Release Portal incorporates Chubb Seguros Chile


In order to provide all the necessary options to reduce container release times and thus have a better service experience, Ian Taylor, a subsidiary of Empresas Taylor, has added Chubb Seguros Chile S.A. to its Container Release Portal within the range of insurance companies available.

Philipp von Meyenn, CEO of Empresas Taylor, said that “this new alliance with Chubb Seguros Chile S.A., adds to the one we already offer with Contempora Seguros Generales, expanding for our customers the alternatives to guarantee their containers through our Container Release Portal, where we already exceed 100,000 containers released through this digital logistics solution, with which more than 500 different companies have released their containers and more than 1,500 users have accessed its many benefits”.

¡Chubb Seguros Chile S.A. is one of the largest insurers in the world with operations in more than 54 countries. With its incorporation into Ian Taylor’s Container Release Portal, those who make use of this digital logistics solution will be able to purchase their insurance policy and guarantee the container in a single step, save time in their work, avoiding manual typing to issue their policy and subsequent registration, and avoid rejections and reprocessing due to incorrectly issued policies. 

In addition, Ian Taylor’s team will be available to answer any queries you may have at any stage of your Chubb insurance policy purchase. 



Among the attributes highlighted by those who have used the Portal is the ease with which payments and procedures can be made, which previously had to be done in person and with several visits to the corresponding offices in order to release the containers. Now, however, everything can be done in a few minutes and at any time, saving time, money and paper, where, for example, cargo can be released online from Arica in San Antonio.

The Container Release Portal has three main areas of online services, such as the Collection Service, the Guarantee Service and the Documentation Service, which conveniently, quickly and securely allow all the necessary steps to be taken to release a container 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Through the Collection Service, the customer can pay online for services such as freight, local services and gate in. 

In the Guarantee Service, a container can be guaranteed through the purchase of an insurance policy, the purchase of self-insurance from the shipping company or through the receipt of a global letter of guarantee. 

The Documentation Service allows the customer to print a BL, correct a BL, enter a letter of responsibility, change warehouse and exchange a BL. 

In addition, world-class digital tools have been implemented on the portal to support the management of the container release portal users, notably Salesforce, an integrated global Customer Relations Management (CRM) platform, which enables a case management system that allows Ian Taylor’s team to have complete and up-to-date visibility of the needs of each customer using the portal and to resolve them in an efficient and timely manner.