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Posted on 7 July, 2020

Digitalization of Empresas Taylor in Peru turns virtual 85% of the ship agency processes

Digitalization of Empresas Taylor in Peru turns virtual 85% of the ship agency processes

Ship agencies have not been unaffected by the impact of the pandemic and, in the case of Ian Taylor, a subsidiary of Empresas Taylor, it accelerated the speed with which the company had been developing its transition towards the digitalization of its processes, both in Peru as in the rest of the South American countries in which it operates.

Ian Taylor is a ship agency subsidiary of Empresas Taylor, a diversified business holding company with 55 years of development and headquarters in Valparaíso, Chile. Empresas Taylor has an active presence in Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile and Peru, with logistics, fleet and agency services. In Peru it has been present for almost 30 years.

Currently, 85% of Ian Taylor Peru’s cargo processing processes are carried out through digital solutions.

“The growth of Empresas Taylor in Peru in recent years has gone hand in hand with significant investments in tugs, various equipment, new offices, an increase in staff, process improvements, software development and platforms that facilitate constant management evaluation, in addition to the interactive communication between clients and the ship owner, also highlighting the implementation of an active digitalization process to optimize the documentary processes that the company carries out through its Service Center ”, stated Rocío Ponce, Country Manager for Peru of Empresas Taylor.

The executive explained that “the virtualization of operations due to the pandemic has accelerated our internal process to become a first-line ship agency in digital transformation in South America. We have had a very good reception of our digital processes by clients, authorities and various users, which allows us to think that once the pandemic is overcome we will be in a very good position to strengthen our position as one of the main actors in the agency of ships in the container segment in Peru”

As Rocío Ponce commented, as a result of the restrictions decreed by the Government in Peru within the framework of the State of sanitary emergency, the reliability, security and speed in the handling of data in the virtual operation processes, has assumed great importance in the maritime and port industry, which has generated complications for some companies in the sector and greater opportunities for others. “In our case, the early voluntary quarantine adopted by Empresas Taylor in all the countries where it operates in South America, accelerated the speed with which the company had been developing a successful transition towards the digitalization of its processes. As a result, Ian Taylor agency, with its Service Center service channel have allowed the procedures for the release of cargo that are done in person to have decreased in favor of digital services, which represent today 85%, which has been quite an achievement. This shows that the majority of clients have been able to adapt to remote attendance for cargo handling. ”

The Country Manager affirms that the company is in line with the central objective defined by the Government, regarding that all foreign trade procedures in the country be carried out 100% virtually, in order to improve the efficiency of the logistics chain in the Peruvian territory.

The current context for the maritime industry has become very challenging and indeed, not all agents and operators may be prepared for this change, especially considering that these changes demand additional investments. “With respect to other countries in the region, I can comment that in Peru the adaptation of remote assistance was more fluid, since our payment portals have been in operation for more than a year, so customers were already more accustomed to the way of work ”, commented Rocío Ponce.

The chief executive of Empresas Taylor in Peru said that the remote assistance format is here to stay and projects that a large part of its clients will maintain this channel of attention once the pandemic is overcome.