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Posted on 10 July, 2024

Ian Taylor agency the third ship this year to discharge more than 5,000 units of rolling stock in San Antonio

A new milestone was reached by Ian Taylor Ship Agency in the port of San Antonio with the agency of EUKOR’s Asian Captain, which unloaded 5,538 units of rolling stock.


Coming from Shanghai, the vessel brought in vehicles, machinery and other rolling equipment of different brands with presence in Chile.


This M/N is the 13th vessel of this type that the subsidiary of Empresas Taylor has handled at this port this year. Of these vessels, three unloaded more than 5,000 units of rolling stock in just one call.


Ronald Salinas Baeza, Agency Coordinator of Ian Taylor in San Antonio, said that “our company plays a very active role in the logistics chain as experts in the coordination of all aspects necessary for vehicles to reach their final destinations smoothly, thus adding value to Chile’s foreign trade, which is recognised by the trust of our customers for the efficient and professional work we do with EUKOR, a leading global shipping company in the transport of wheeled goods”.