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Posted on 26 December, 2017

Empresas Taylor introduces a new Corporate Image

To reinforce its market position the company has decided to renew the logos for its brands Empresas Taylor, Ian Taylor and Taylor Logistics


Founded in 1965, Empresas Taylor is one of the principal players in Ship Agency and Logistics on all the West Coast of South America. During all these years, the logo identifying Empresas Taylor has been HMS Liffey’s ship’s wheel. HMS Liffey belonged to the family of the founder of the company, Ian B. Taylor, and the ship’s wheel is on exhibit on the seventh floor of the company’s Head Office.

During 2016, the company set aside a time to celebrate, together with its workers, its first fifty years of existence. It also was a time for reflection when the past years were analyzed and the road map for the future was set out to project its history for the following fifty years, in the spirit of an organization that grows and advances in accordance with modern times.

Out of this process the new organizational strategic planning emerged and which has already been put into practice. The main points of this challenge are two: a) Institutionalize strategic thinking and b) Establish the discipline of “doing things well”

Standardizing the new logos seeks to reflect the union of our teams behind a common goal, with a clear and distinctive logo and the traditional colours projecting a new group image, more modern, professional and competent.

“We know that this modernization will reinforce our market position and will be valued by all. With it, we will unite the tradition of our history with the strength of our vision of a dynamic, flexible future, 100% focused on the needs of our customers.”

“Our business model reflects our strongest and most deeply rooted principles: our vocation for collaboration, for work well done and with an image that identifies us as a team”, explains Christopher Taylor, Executive Vice President of Empresas Taylor.

The new logos will start being used the first days of March of the current year. The traditional logo of the Ship’s Wheel will remain as a symbol to be used for events of great importance.