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Posted on 4 April, 2023

Ian Taylor moves HOYER Isotanks from Arica to Cochabamba in Bolivia

Ian Taylor moves HOYER Isotanks from Arica to Cochabamba in Bolivia


Ian Taylor received in the port of Arica the quantity of 14 HOYER Isotanks, which contained lubricant additives that were moved by land to the city of Cochabamba in Bolivia. 

The Isotanks are containers that are dedicated to the transport of bulk liquid products and are built according to ISO standards (International Organization for Standardization), which are designed according to the type of substance, with a stainless steel alloy and surrounded by protective layers. 

This service was carried out through the Integrated Services area of the subsidiary of Empresas Taylor, which under a single contract offers the transfer of any need from its place of origin to its final reception, planning in detail each operation required to achieve the agreed level of service and thus guaranteeing continuous improvement.

Juan Carlos Pereira, Country Manager of Ian Taylor in Bolivia, said that “this figure of 14 Isotanks is very relevant if we consider that during last year we mobilised a total of 29 Isotanks, always from our represented HOYER. It is a service that we have been promoting through the Integrated Services area with very good results and we hope to continue mobilising these cargoes during the year”.

It should be noted that Ian Taylor is the exclusive representative of HOYER, the global market leader in the transport of liquids by land and sea in Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia.