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Posted on 27 January, 2023

Ian Taylor in Bolivia mobilised 29 HOYER ISOTANKS during 2022

Ian Taylor in Bolivia mobilised 29 HOYER ISOTANKS during 2022


Part of the Ian Taylor team in Bolivia, made up of Yamil Martínez, Logistics Coordinator Bolivia and Nathalia Molina Vargas, Sales Executive, visited the warehouse where HOYER’s ISOTANKS are located in Santa Cruz for an inspection tour.


During the year 2022, the subsidiary of Taylor Companies in Bolivia received 29 ISOTANKS with fuel additive products, material that was transported in these containers that are dedicated to the transport of bulk liquid products and are built according to ISO standards (International Organization for Standardization), which are designed according to the type of substance, with a stainless steel alloy and surrounded by protective layers. 


Juan Carlos Pereira, Country Manager of Ian Taylor in Bolivia, explains that “these ISOTANKS are in a warehouse contracted by our agency, awaiting loading for export. We are constantly performing services for HOYER; as exclusive representatives, we had an excellent 2022 in that sense and this year we also hope to continue working in the same way”.


It should be noted that Ian Taylor is the exclusive representative for HOYER, the global market leader in the transportation of liquids by land and sea, in Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia.