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Posted on 19 January, 2023

Ian Taylor Ship Agency joins the Logistics Community of San Antonio (COLSA)

Ian Taylor Ship Agency joins the Logistics Community of San Antonio (COLSA)


The shipping agency Ian Taylor, joined the Logistics Community of San Antonio (COLSA), an entity created in September 2010 by the Port of San Antonio that brings together the main actors in the logistics chain of this port, creating a permanent forum for dialogue between the actors involved in maritime, port, logistics and regulatory services.


Regarding the incorporation of the subsidiary of Empresas Taylor, María Pilar Larraín Sanhueza, Manager of COLSA, said that “the more links in the logistics chain associated with Puerto San Antonio are incorporated and participate in the logistics community, this allows a more comprehensive view of the processes necessary for foreign trade. In that sense, Ian Taylor as a shipping agency present in COLSA has much to contribute in logistics to move towards a more efficient chain, especially in the documentary flows required for import and export”.


At the same time, he adds that “we are currently in the process of implementing a Port Community System (PCS) in which Ian Taylor has a lot to say in order to achieve a successful platform. We also want to move forward with a second Clean Production Agreement (CPA) where this shipping agency has experience in this type of project, as it participated in COLSA’s first clean production agreement, fulfilling all the environmental and social responsibility goals stipulated in the agreement”.


Juan Carlos Jimenez, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer of Empresas Taylor, explained that “for Ian Taylor it is of utmost importance to belong to the Logistics Community of San Antonio as in this way we join the main actors in the logistics chain of Puerto San Antonio, a port where we execute large-scale operations. In our 57 years of history, it has always been a constant concern to be responsible actors within the communities in which we develop, contributing both economically, socially and environmentally, so we are happy to be part of COLSA and thus be able to work together with other members”.