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Posted on 2 February, 2023

Ian Taylor agencies ships choosing Punta Arenas as a logistics platform and gateway to Antarctica

Ian Taylor agencies ships choosing Punta Arenas as a logistics platform and gateway to Antarctica


Ian Taylor will have three ships calling at Punta Arenas that are heading to or coming from the Antarctic Territory during the month of February. In this way, the subsidiary of Empresas Taylor has become an important player in the agency of scientific research vessels or expeditions that choose this city as a logistics platform and gateway to the white continent.

According to Sergio Vergara, Branch Manager of Ian Taylor in Punta Arenas, “we are very happy to have the confidence and thus be able to receive in this city these important ships that perform fundamental and very complex tasks on their way to or from Antarctica. To take care of this type of vessels requires a highly qualified work to make their stay something pleasant and where they can remain focused on their scientific or expeditionary work, where every detail counts to achieve the desired objectives”.

Detail of ships

The Bio Hespérides, the Spanish Navy’s Oceanographic Research vessel, will arrive between the 9th and 13th of February, returning from its Antarctic expedition and where Ian Taylor acts as Port Agent, as well as providing support for all the ship’s logistical and armament issues that the vessel requires in this type of highly complex expedition.

The Maria S. Merian, which will call at Punta Arenas from 22-25 February, is Germany’s second most modern research vessel and is named after the naturalist and illustrator Maria Sybilla Merian. Ian Taylor will also support all the armament and logistical requirements involved in the research work of an Antarctic expedition.

The Nansen Explorer returns from its 2022/2023 Antarctic season where Ian Taylor Punta Arenas had the opportunity to be the Port and Logistics Agent for this leading company in the customised polar adventure sector, from supporting film production crews to coordinating expeditions for small groups or private luxury cruises.