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Posted on 26 December, 2017

IST (Institute of Work Safety) rewards Risk Prevention Management in Empresas Taylor

María José Montero Cruz, Health and Safety Engineer of Empresas Taylor, was distinguished by the Institute of Work Safety (IST) for her commitment to caring for life, obtaining the Distinction in Prevention Management.

The IST recognized adherent companies, workers, executives and Hygiene and Safety Joint Committees in their Annual Awards in Prevention 2017.

In this context, the Health and Safety Engineer of Empresas Taylor was distinguished in the category “Award in Prevention Management”, for the execution of specific and systematic actions for the development of a preventive culture in the company.

In this regard it is worth mentioning that last year at the same event, Empresas Taylor was distinguished with the Merit Award in the category of 26 to 100 workers at the regional level, for the preventive management developed.

This year, Empresas Taylor successfully completed the process of recertification of the OHSAS Standard 18001:2007 -related to the health and safety of workers-, carried out by Global Group, whose main office is located in Edinburgh, Scotland, and is certified by UKAS Management Systems. The recertification covers Empresas Taylor’s offices in Chile, Peru and Ecuador and all its subsidiary companies.

“The international standards we have and the systematic work based on the Occupational Health and Safety programs developed in the Company have allowed us to develop a strong culture of care in the company, achieving a significant reduction in accidents at work,” said Maria José Montero.