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Integrated Services Division

Integrated Services appears as a new and innovative option, offering under a single contract the transfer of any need of our clients from its place of origin to its final reception, where each operation is planned and analyzed in detail to achieve the agreed level of service and thus ensuring continuous improvement.

What is the mission of Integrated Services?

Integrated Services’ mission is to provide the South American market with the most reliable and high-performance service for project logistics, RO/RO-HH, liquids and general cargo. Our main objective is to work directly with the end users/customers of the cargo in the aforementioned cargo segments and establish a close and long-term relationship with each of them to understand their logistics needs.

+ 376.000

containers processed per year

The company is present in Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Colombia

Delivering all the complementary services to the load that the clients may require; both normal load and special and oversized projects. Integrated Services has a global presence with a network of agents and representatives in the main ports and airports of the world, which allows a timely response on the ground to possible contingencies, minimizing operational and economic risks.

Refrigerated cargo

At Integrated Services we understand that refrigerated cargo is not just a product in a container, but it means that your goods are extremely sensitive, which is why handling reefer cargo is of great importance to us.

In our warehouses we are concerned that the reefer containers are kept in adequate storage conditions with permanent temperature controls, seal checks, cleaning and others, ensuring that the cold chain is never affected both in the care and maintenance processes of the units reefers as well as their consolidation and deconsolidation.

Liquid cargo

At Integrated Services we have specialized in handling liquid cargo, either through Isotankers containers or Flexitankers containers, ensuring excellence in handling liquids, whatever their characteristics.

Rolling cargo

Integrated Services is a correspondent for the most important shippers in the world for services in Europe and the East. It works with the main rolling cargo shipping companies that stand out both for their capacity and volume, as well as for their high quality standards, regularity and frequency, operating with more than 40 brands of cars, trucks, construction and mining equipment.

Bulk Cargo

Bulk cargo is a set of goods or materials that are transported without packaging, or packaging, in large quantities. This cargo is mainly divided into solid or dry bulk cargo and liquid bulk cargo.

Special and oversized loads

With more than 57 years operating special cargo, the Integrated Services staff has developed extensive practical and technical knowledge about the conditions of national and foreign ports and terminals in which this type of cargo is transferred.

+ 57 years

operating special loads


Empresas Taylor, has specialized in bulk and project cargo, for which it created the company Southern Cross Chartering S.A. in 1979, one of the most important and respected brokerage companies in South America, with a presence in both Chile and in Peru and which has had, since its creation, an active participation in Freight services to and from the West Coast of South America.

Through this brand, Empresas Taylor offers the full range of chartering services, ensuring that its clients always have at their disposal the necessary spaces in the ships to transfer their cargo to any part of the world.

Currently, an average of 400,000 tons of project cargo and bulk cargo are moved annually, especially concentrates, wood, wood pulp, fishmeal, among others.

The company has been a member of Bimco since 1983, IFFO since 1994 and members of the ITIC P & I Club since 1990.

Southern Cross Chartering works with a number of shipowners around the world with whom participation in the WCSA trade has developed.

+ 57 years

operating special loads