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For more than 50 years Empresas Taylor has been characterized for its contribution to the economic development of commerce on the west coast of South America. Since its inception in 1965 Empresas Taylor has evolved from a port agency with operations in Valparaíso to a diversified business holding company specialized in delivering logistics solutions to its clients, with a presence in four countries in the region.

Mission and vision


We are a business group of Logistics Solutions, which offers the market all the services of the supply chain, with innovative processes, high operational efficiency and excellent quality.


We want to be recognized as experts in supply chain management, with presence in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Chile, standing out for our proximity to our customers, as a very good company in which to work and grow.

Words of our founder

“The most precious thing that a company has are the people who work in it and our growth has gone hand in hand with the work and care of those who accompany us and share our efforts, worries and joys.

This is why our thanks go to all those who work and have worked alongside us, making it possible to create a source of income and well-being for all of us and our families.

Therefore, our appreciation goes to all those who have formed and form the great family of Empresas Taylor, for their efforts and dedication throughout all these years.”

Ian Barry Taylor Mac Auliffe (1937-2013)
Founder Empresas Taylor

Values ​​and principles

Our Business Principles

In order to achieve our vision, we have defined the following principles that govern our behaviour with the company’s stakeholders: shareholders, employees and their families, customers, suppliers and the community.

I. Shareholders

Our plans have as their primary objective to make the company grow, increasing its patrimonial value, and project it in time.

II. Employees and their families

We are convinced that family life is essential for the development of the individual and that the family is at the heart of society. That is why we are committed to ensuring that work is properly balanced with family life.

Likewise, the company is committed to ensuring that all its employees have a stimulating, welcoming and safe work environment, where opportunities for professional development are given and where merit and excellent performance are recognized.

On the moral level, we are also committed to striving for high ethical standards in our work.

III. Customers

The needs of our clients are our main creative engine and their satisfaction our main concern. Our professional practice is governed by strict ethical standards that are respected by all those who work in the company and we base our development on permanent technological innovation, the improvement of our people and prudent risk management.

IV. Suppliers

We seek fair and long term relationships that allow us to derive mutual benefit and high standards of quality and compliance.

V. Community

We are committed to implementing policies that make our work safe for our employees and the community in which we operate.

We are interested in contributing to the growth of the social, cultural and economic heritage of the communities in which we operate.

In particular, we strive to help maintain a healthy environment.

Our Personal Virtues

In our work we conduct ourselves with:

  • Honesty
  • Proactivity
  • Responsibility
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Respect
  • Strictness

Our Value Proposition


Our strategy is to maintain a close relationship with our customers, which is driven into action by two driving forces:

  1. Intimacy with the customer
  2. Speed and quality of response.


Günther Sprätz


Elizabeth Pollmann de Taylor


Lorna Taylor


Teresa Gana


Victor Küllmer


Günther Sprätz


Elizabeth Pollmann de Taylor


Lorna Taylor


Teresa Gana


Victor Küllmer


Global Business Functions

Christopher Taylor Pollmann

Executive Vice President

Matthew Taylor Pollmann

Chief Executive Officer

Simon Mackenzie

Chief Operations Officer

Juan Carlos Jiménez

Chief Corporate Affairs Officer

Jack Howard

Chief Legal Officer

John R. Enos

Chief Information Officer

Eduardo Peña

Chief Financial Officer

Rocío Garrote

Chief People Officer

Héctor Chávez

Chief Strategy Officer

Customers & Solutions

Eduardo Lira

Southern Cross Chartering Chile General Manager

Philipp von Meyenn

Chief Commercial Officer

Adolfo Liewald

Agency Manager
International Accounts

Sergio Delaney

Agency Manager
Liner Service

Eduardo Varas

Agency Manager
National Accounts

Luis Saldivia

Agency Manager
Project Cargo

Andrés Klingenberg

Representations Manager

Juan Eduardo Maturana

Head of Owners Matters

Brian Nettle

Sales Representative Fleet

Operations & Services

Rocío Ponce

Country Manager

Fabricio Constante

Country Manager

Juan Carlos Pereira

Country Manager

Fabricio Siclari

Operations & Services Manager

Javier Romero

Fleet Manager

Operations & Services

Enrique Soto

Branch Manger - Chile

Benjamin Montero

Branch Manger - Chile

Antonio Martínez

Branch Manger - Chile
San Antonio-Concepción

Eduardo Mayorga

Branch Manger - Chile
Punta Arenas

Cristián Marambio

Logistic Manager

Frederick Pollmann

Terminal Manager
Placilla - Chile

Jorge Montenegro

Agency Manager


  • 1937
    • Ian Barry Taylor McAuliffe was born in the port city of Coquimbo the 4th of October 1937. All his infancy was spent in this city where under the inspiration of his grandparents and his father, he learned to love the sea, a sentiment that he was faithful to all his life.

  • 1937-1949
    • His junior school studies, until the age of 12, were at the Liceo de Hombres of La Serena, a city adjoining Coquimbo.

  • 1949 – 1954
    • With the purpose of giving him a traditional British education, with a full command of English, the practice of sports to form a strong character and a high academic standard, Ian was later sent to secondary school as a boarder at the school founded and run by John Jackson, The Grange School, in Santiago.

  • 1956
    • On leaving School, Ian returned to Coquimbo and in 1956 started working at his grandfather’s Ship Agency, J.J. MacAuliffe y Cia. Ltda., where he served his apprenticeship: he started off stamping envelopes and continued his formation getting involved in all the varying aspects of the business from reviewing administrative documents to the attention of diverse clients, such as the Chilean Navy. His father taught him the essentials and gave him direction.

      Ian inherited the capacity for work, a strong spirit in the face of adversity, rigour, perseverance, integrity, honesty and, above all, devotion to the truth.

  • 1961
    • On completion of his initial formation in the shipping business, his parents urged him to seek his full personal development by creating a position for himself away from the family business.

      Driven by a profound spirit of self-improvement and a healthy ambition, he decided to move to Valparaiso to a job with Kenrick y Cia., at the time the largest ship agency company in the country.

      Although he felt a great attachment to his birthplace, against Valparaiso, the biggest port in Chile with an acknowledged international prestige and an intense activity, Coquimbo had to be left behind.

  • 1965
    • After four years of experience in ship agency, he decided to start his own business. With a great deal of hope and faith, in 1965 Ian Taylor commenced activities on his own. To do so, Ian obtained a loan from his mother, equivalent to US$ 2.000 at the time. With this as his capital, he obtained the permits to act as a Ship Agency, located suitable space for an office and purchased the necessary assets to initiate the activities of his own Ship Agency Company in Valparaiso, destined to serve shipping principals and which is now acknowledged as the forerunner of Empresas Taylor.

      The first vessel received was M.V. Kanga, attended successfully between the 7<sup>th</sup> and 12<sup>th</sup> March, 1965.

  • 1966
    • In December 1966, Ian Taylor & Cia was appointed General Agent for Chile of Polish Ocean Lines (POL), of Gdynia, an important Polish state owned shipping company.

  • 1967
    • In January 1967, the appointment as General Agent of Polish Ocean Lines (POL) of Gdynia was extended to include Peru, and during February and March of that year, MV “Zeromski” was attended, being the first vessel of a regular Polish service to call at Peruvian and Chilean ports.

      This constituted a new milestone in Ian Taylor’s business career, marking the beginning of the international expansion of his business, establishing offices outside Chile and integrating services that up to then had not been developed.

      As General Sales Agent for POL’s regular liner service in two countries, it became of prime importance to develop sales skills to sell the freight offered by the liner service to importers and exporters in Chile and Peru.

      To solve this, he established a commercial agency company to serve as General Agent for Ian Taylor’s customers and which appointed a local port agent to attend vessel calls, supervised at all times by the General Agent.

      The representation of Polish Ocean Lines in Chile and Peru gave the company a greater commercial and operational exposure and in the following years several international shipping lines made Ian Taylor their agent.

      To fulfil his obligations as General Agent for POL, Ian travelled regularly to Peru to attend and supervise the ships calls. He used the services of a sub-agent but was always aware of every detail of the agency. These trips became increasingly frequent as business grew; soon he decided to establish a ship agency company in Peru. However, this was not possible at the time due to the legal requirement that the owners of ship agencies be Peruvian citizens.

  • 1978
    • As a consequence of his constant support of the trade between Chile and New Zealand, New Zealand businessmen invited Ian Taylor and the lawyer Jose Luis Lopez and his company ACE (Asesoría en Comercio Exterior S.A.) together with other Chilean businessmen, to form a binational group with the purpose of creating a Chamber of Commerce with New Zealand aimed at developing the links between both countries and fostering mutual business. Thus, in 1978 the Chile-New Zealand Chamber of Commerce was founded. Its counterpart in New Zealand was the Latin American Business Council, which gathered all Latin American countries trade links in one organization. Since that date the links between both countries have increased. From the beginning, the links were based on the bilateral trade and the shipping services crossing the Pacific with diverse products.

  • 1979
    • In 1979 Southern Cross Chartering S.A. was established, specializing in bulk and project cargoes. With this brand a wide variety of freight and chartering services were offered, aiming at ensuring that its customers could always count on the necessary shipping options to carry their cargoes to any destination worldwide.
    • The Company was created to offer brokerage services to cargoes and ship-owners around the world, focused on the coasts of Chile, Peru and Ecuador, which the company knew well and where, over the years, it has specialized in specific markets such as Fishmeal and Fish oil.
  • 1980
    • Ian Taylor entered in the fruit stevedoring business, developing a great friendship with some of the principal fruit exporters of the time and establishing profitable business relations with the main refrigerated cargo ship-owners and operators. As a result, Ian Taylor came to represent shipping companies such as Reefer Express Lines of USA. Seatrade Reefer Chartering of the Netherlands and many others. As the stevedoring required the use of forklifts, Ian Taylor saw the opportunity to invest in these assets and for this object created the subsidiary company Martay (Maquinarias y Operaciones Marítimas Tayco y Cia. Ltda), which managed the equipment.

  • 1990 - 1999
    • In the 90’s the Company entered into several strategic alliances which had a significant contribution to Empresas Taylor’s current success.

      Early in the 90’s, Ian Taylor joined forces with a British Forwarder and Logistics company with global operations, named Walford Meadows. Its activities included the provision of logistics services to exporters of tobacco, sugar and pulses from the Argentine northwest – mainly from the city of Salta – that shipped their goods through the port of Antofagasta, due to its proximity to the producing zones in Argentina. This company lacked the port and shipping knowledge that Ian Taylor could provide and thus a company was created and given the name of Walford Servicios Maritimos y Portuarios, in which both partners held a 50% stake. Although the main office was in Santiago, the operations were carried out in Antofagasta, where a Port Agency office was established. As a result of Ian Taylor’s reputation as a ship agent, other ship agency appointments followed. Among these was that of Laser Lines (formerly Johnson Lines), part of the Eurosal Consortium. Soon the same lines also appointed the company to attend their vessels in the ports of Iquique and Arica. On opening offices in those ports, destined basically to ship agency services, it was considered recommendable to change the name to Taylor Servicios Maritimos y Portuarios and soon, this company was acting in all the northern ports in Chile.

  • 1980-1989
    • Nautical Charts
      • In the 1980’s, the company was named official agent of the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO), which issues the British Nautical Charts that are the global standard for navigation. Every vessel must have current nautical charts for the area in which it is sailing. This implies that, when changing navigation areas, missing nautical charts must be purchased, making sure they are up to date, since there is a procedure and international protocol for their updating.As official UKHO Agents, the company has a large stock of up-to-date navigation charts of the west coast of South America, as well as the full catalogue of global charts through the Print on Demand chart printing system (POD).
    • AMSA (Agencia Marítima San Antonio Limitada)
      • In 1987, a joint venture was made with AGENTAL, Agencia Marítimas de Talcahuano, to establish a port agency in the port of San Antonio, which would attend the vessel calls of both companies.
      • A short time later, ESTISAI (Estibas San Antonio) was created, also in the port of San Antonio, to participate in the stevedoring of both regular agency vessels and public tenders. After the company significantly increased its number of port calls in San Antonio, in 2004 an agreement was reached with Agental to buy them out of AMSA and ESTISAI, which were then absorbed by Ian Taylor,  thus establishing Ian Taylor’s San Antonio Port Agency.
      • It is in this period that the Port and Pilot launch “Christopher” was purchased in Punta Arenas and was destined to provide services in the bay of Antofagasta bay.
  • 1990
    • In recognition of his untiring efforts and work and financial support to the Chilean-New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in the promotion of bilateral trade, in 1990 the Chile / New Zealand Business Council recommended the granting of an award to Mr. Ian B. Taylor. In a formal and significant ceremony, Ian B. Taylor was given the New Zealand Commemorative Medal 1990 distinction awarded by Queen Elizabeth II of England

  • 1992
    • In 1992, in partnership with Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), Ian Taylor formed a General Agency company, holding a 49% share and which would become the general agent and representative of MSC in Peru.

  • 1993
    • In 1993, EUKOR Car Carriers appointed Ian Taylor y Cia as representative and agent, thus attending ships loaded with thousands of vehicles in each shipment.
    • On April 20th, 1993, Zdzislaw Jan Ryn, Ambassador in Chile of the Republic of Poland, informs Ian B. Taylor that the President of Poland, Mr. Lech Walesa, has decreed that Mr. Taylor be awarded the “Cross  Commander of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland” in recognition of his outstanding merits in the development of economic cooperation between the Republic of Poland and the Republic of Chile.
    • In 1993 a new association with Mediterranean Shipping Company was signed, under the same terms as that signed in 1992 for Peru; this time the association was to develop the representation and agency of MSC in Ecuador. This involved developing the representation completely, with no initial prior structure. In this way, the company became the General Agent for MSC in Peru and Ecuador.
  • 1994
    • In 1994, the Taiwanese liner Company Kien Hung Shipping appointed Ian Taylor as its agent in Chile, Peru and Ecuador. This became an important milestone for the company as it was a recognition of its name and reputation as well as a big boost to its income, entering with strength into the business of container shipping. The agency of this line positioned Ian Taylor as one of the big ship genscy companies on the coast of the south Pacific.
    • In 1994, the Port Agency and Stevedoring Company of Ian Taylor in Peru was created, named Portuaria Taylor.
  • 1995
    • Ian Taylor opens its first offices in the city of Guayaquil in Ecuador.

  • 1996
    • In 1996 a contract is signed with Derco, a Chilean car importer, to transport Suzuki, Mazda and Renault vehicles to South America.

      Ian Taylor y Compañía is appointed General Agent for Nippon Marine, a Japanese line dedicated to the transport of Sulphuric Acid from Asia in a specially designed vessel with stainless steel tanks to supply CODELCO, the state copper company. On its return voyage the ship transports copper concentrates

  • 1990 – 1999
    • Transuniversal de Estibas Ltda. Ian Taylor y Compañía is invited to participate in this Company by invitation of Agunsa and Broom, who had created the company to carry out ship stevedoring in the port of Punta Arenas.
    • Sociedad Cruz de Froward. This was a partnership with Compañia Maritima de Punta Arenas (COMAPA), formed to buy and operate a tug and supply vessel in Punta Arenas.
    • Sociedad de Transportes Kipa Ltda: created in 2009, this is a partnership with B&M Agencia Maritima to build and operate a Pilot launch for service in the port of Punta Arenas
  • 2001
    • Mr Taylor’s eldest son, Christopher, who is a Civil Engineer, starts working at the company. He currently holds the position of Executive Vice-President of Empresas Taylor

      In the year ___ a decision was taken to unify the ship agency business under the Ian Taylor brand. In this way, the Chilean northern ports offices, which operated under the brand Taylor Servicios Maritimos y Portuarios (TSMP) would in future operate as Ian Taylor y Cia. The TSMP brand would take over all logistics operations and for this purpose its name was changed to Taylor Servicios Mercantiles y Proyectos. For several years Empresas Taylor carried out its land haulage, Project Management and Forwarding under this brand.

  • 2004
    • Detroit Shipyard is entrusted with the construction of a specialised oceangoing Pilot Launch to be named “Anoka”, which in Kaweshkar language means “Moon”. Currently the Oceangoing Pilot Launch Anoka, serves in the Straits of Magellan.
    • The Company gets involved in sercices of land transport of cargo, creating for this purpose the subsidiary “Transmartay” (Transportes de Maquinarians y Operaciones Taylor). This company later was merged with TSMP, thus forming TSMP Logistics.
  • 2005
    • Maestranzas Navales de Caldera was commissioned to build a Pilot and Port Launch to be named “Rio Conay”. The launch, named for the river of the same name in the Huasco province of the Atacama Region, currently serves the port of Arica.

  • 2007
    • Mr. Taylor’s son Matthew who is a Civil Engineer, starts working at Empresas Taylor. He currently holds the post of CEO of Empresas Taylor.
    • This year the bases of a profound reorganisation of the company are established.
  • 2008
    • Taylor’s daughter Lorna, who is a Business Administrator starts working in the company. She currently has a seat of the Board of Directors.
    • On completion of the reorganisation initiated at the end of 2006, the holding Company Empresas Taylor is formedAiming at working with world class systems, the Company changes its ERP to SAP
    • In 1998, with the objective of ensuring that all our customers receive a quality service, the Company obtained its registration to the ISO9000 Standard, the ISM Code, the OHSAS standard and the Environmental Standard of ISO14001. These certifications have been maintained and updated permanently.
  • 2010
    • Detroit Shipyard of Puerto Montt are entrusted with the construction of the oceangoing Pilot Launch “Kaitek”. The name of the launch comes from the Kaweshkar language and means “sun or moon shine”. Currently the Oceangoing Pilot launch Kaitek, is based in the Straits of Magellan.
    • CONAV Shipyards of Valdivia are commissioned to build the Port and Pilot Launch “Kipa”, which in the Yagana language means “woman”. The PPL Kipa currently is based in Punta Arenas bay.
    • In April of this year, the Company is accepted as the Multiport Ship Agent for Chile. Multiport is a prestigious worldwide network of independent ship agents.
    • In 2010, Ian Taylor y Cia is appointed port agent in San Antonio and Lirquen in Chile, for Maersk Lines as from July 1st and for the ports of Arica and Iquique as from October 1st
    • In November of this year, Empresas Taylor moves its Head Office to new premises located in the Tecnopacifico Building in Valparaiso
  • 2013
    • Mr Ian Barry Taylor McAuliffe passes away. Mr Taylor was the founder of Ian Taylor y Compañía, forerunner of the Empresas Taylor Holding, now present in four countries on the west coast of South America

  • 2015
    • Eukor, world leader in maritime transport of vehicles, selects out of all its suppliers, Ian Taylor y Cia.’s San Antonio office as the best agent worldwide in Operations during 2014.
    • Taylor Logistic’s new warehouse located on the grounds of the Placilla (Valparaiso) Depot is inaugurated
    • The Company decides to change its business centre in Lima, Peru to new premises in the Miraflores area of the same city. The new offices are located in Avenida Armendariz N° 480, Suite 402, Miraflores, Lima, Peru.
  • 2016
    • Ascon Shipyards of Puerto Montt are commissioned to build the Port and Pilot Launch “Taylor Alicura”, name which in the Mapudungun language means “Stone White as milk”. Currently the Port and Pilot Launch “Taylor Alicura” is based in Talcahuano bay.
    • The Company commissions Dutch shipyard Damen  with the construction of two new Azimuth Stern Drive tugs, model 2810, with a Bollard Pull (BP) of 60 tons. The new units receive the names “Tayco Rasac” and “Tayco Rondoy”, after two mountain peaks in the Peruvian Andes. Currenlty both units are based in the port of Callao, Peru.
    • The Company decides to open an office in the city of Santa Cruz, Bolivia. To lead this project, Mr. Juan Carlos Pereira is hired as Country Manager for Bolivia.
    • The Ecuadorian Navy, delivers a special recognition to Empresas Taylor, through its subsidiary in that country, for the services rendered worldwide to the Training Ship Guayas on its training voyage around the world
    • Empresas Taylor Holding changes its structure from a limited liability company to a Corporation.
    • In January of this year, Empresas Taylor incorporates a new Business Intelligence (BI) tool, aimed at increasing productivity in preparation of business reports, with faster and better quality information. This tool is the Tableau software
    • Under the agency of Ian Taylor, MV “Morning Camilla” operated by EUKOR Car Carriers, discharged on May 12th , more than 750 vehicles belonging to Derco at Berth 4 of the Terminal Puerto Arica (TPA), initiating a new service to that port, with the purpose of carrying vehicles and trucks for the Chilean and Bolivian markets
    • Throughout the year 2016, Empresas Taylor celebrated its first 50 years of existence
  • 2017
    • Ascon Shipyards of Puerto Montt are entrusted with the construction of two Port and Pilot Launches to be named “Taylor Batro” and “Taylor Calafquen”, names which in Mapudungun language mean “reed” and “the other sea” respectively. Currentrly the “Taylor Batro” is based in the bay of Coquimbo and the “Taylor Calafquen” is based in Mejillones Bay
    • In the month of August, Ian Taylor y Cia is appointed port agent for CMA-CGM for all ports in Chile.
    • 2016 was a year of deliberation where the years since the founding of Empresas Taylor were reviewed and the path to follow was determined that would allow to project its history for the next 50 years, reflecting the spirit of an organization that grows and is in line with the advances of current times. From this process, our new institutional Strategic Planning was developed. In general terms, the axes of our challenge are two: a) institutionalise strategic thinking and b) affirm the discipline of “doing things well” In this direction, it was decided to standardize the images or logos of the group companies, seeking to highlight the union of the work teams around a joint objective, with a clear and distinctive isotype and the traditional colours, projecting a new group image, more modern, professional and competent.

International Coverage


Blanco 937, 6th floor, Valparaíso - Chile


Enrique Finot Avenue – Condado III Building, Office 1, Santa Cruz – Bolivia


Armendariz Avenue 480 – 502 Office – Miraflores, Lima - Peru


Av. Fco. Orellana y Miguel H. Alcívar - Centro Empresarial Las Cámaras - Piso 8, Of. 804 - Guayaquil - Ecuador


San Martín 439, Iquique, Chile


Antofagasta Matta 1839, Of. 903 Chile


Coquimbo Melgarejo 720, Piso 1

San Antonio

Angamos 1254, San Antonio, Región de Valparaíso, Chile


Santiago Edificio Mistral, Av. Rosario Norte 615 Of. 1204, Las Condes Chile


Concepción Autopista Concepción, Talcahuano 8696 Edificio Bio Bio Centro, Oficina 402

Puerto Montt

Puerto Montt Camino El Tepual Km. 4.5

Punta Arenas

21 de Mayo 1668, Punta Arenas, Chile


Armendariz Avenue 480 – 502 Office – Miraflores, Lima - Peru