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Empresas Taylor is totally committed to quality, safety and the environment and its intention is to maintain all ISO, OHSAS and ISM standards, specifications and integrated codes.

Currently, Empresas Taylor and its subsidiaries are certified under the following disciplines:


ISO 9001:2015

This certification is a set of quality standards and quality management, established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). They can be applied in any type of organization or activity oriented to the production of goods or services. The standards include both the minimum content and specific implementation guides and tools, such as audit methods. This, specifies the way in which an organization operates its quality standards, delivery times and service levels.

ISO 14001:2015

This certification, created and published by the International Organization for Standardization in 1996 and updated for the last time in 2004, establishes the guidelines that companies must follow to implement, on a voluntary basis, an environmental management system.

OHSAS 18001:2007

This certification establishes the necessary tools to implement a Safety and Health Management System at Work, giving the ability to an organization to formulate a specific policy and objectives associated with the issue, giving consideration to legal requirements and information on risks of your activity. This standard applies to health and safety risks at work and to the risks associated with the management of organizations that may generate some type of impact on their operation and that can also be easily controlled.


The commitment of EMPRESAS TAYLOR is to satisfy the logistics needs of its customers through efficient solutions, with a marked focus on differentiation through innovation.

EMPRESAS TAYLOR is oriented to achieve the highest management standards, with special emphasis on continuous improvement of its business processes, through its Integrated Quality Management System, Security (ISM / OH & S) and environmental performance.

Aware of the value of life and work, EMPRESAS TAYLOR is committed to preventing injuries and professional illnesses that could affect its employees, as well as protecting the environment and preventing pollution.

EMPRESAS TAYLOR understands that business, like all human activity, has an undeniable ethical dimension, for which it commits to subordinate first to natural law and second to legal regulations and other voluntary subscription regulations that, not contradicting the first, regulates its business scope

This Policy is communicated to all the people who work for and on behalf of EMPRESAS TAYLOR, and it is available to interested parties with the intention that they become aware of the duties that it entails. The company declares that this Policy will be subject to permanent review in order to adapt it to reality when the conditions and the correct judgment so advise.


Matthew Taylor


Corporate social responsibility

The main responsibility of our company is to provide sustainable and quality employment to our workers, in an environment that allows the human and technical development of each of them, privileging the hiring of local content.

The company and its members seek to get involved in projects for the good and the development of the community, giving special emphasis to the initiatives related to the city of Valparaíso.

Taylor Companies supports various charities

One of the most important principles left by the legacy of Don Ian was the Social Sense of Work. It is in this, where we are able to seek the good of the other: in a close way, the good of our coworkers and colleagues, and in a somewhat more remote, the good of our customers, our suppliers and the community. It is well shown then that work has a social meaning that is ordered to the common good. More impressive then work, if not only involves the good of one but the many.