CEO Letter

Dear sirs,

carta_gerenteAfter two years of work, we have finally inaugurated the Holding Company for the Companies associated with the Taylor Group. With the establishment of this Holding Company, we have reorganized the structure of the Group, in order to organize our work in a way best suited to face the market challenges.This new structure allows us to look to the future with optimism. Together with emphasizing the operational and commercial excellence in every business we develop, the new organizational model will allow us to transfer and communicate management’s best practices throughout the Group and take advantage of the economies of scale that this type of structure generates.

To assume a Group structure is a challenge that, together with our team, we have accepted with great enthusiasm. The benefits derived to our clients and shareholders due to having an organization more focused on its core business and the market, with an emphasis on creating sustainable value and a more robust financial structure, are already evident.

Our area of expertise has historically been ship agency. However, we have decided to expand our operations into other Countries and other business areas associated with the maritime and port industry and most recently to logistics. It has become clear that in the coming years our focus should concentrate in developing solutions for logistic problems arising from an increasingly complex world. Together with our team we are working towards this goal.

Yours sincerely,