Empresas Taylor dedicates two new tugs for service in Peru

The units, designed by the Netherlands shipbuilder Damen, represent an investment to strengthen Ian Taylor’s fleet service in Peru

Emma Ravera Taylor (Madrina Ram Tayco Rondoy), Jorge Acevedo (Director Ian Taylor Perú), Elizabeth Pollmann de Taylor (Vice Chairman Empresas Taylor)

Empresas Taylor received and had the traditional naming ceremony at the Callao Naval Base in Peru of its two new Damen ASD2810 tugs destined to serve the clients of its subsidiary Ian Taylor Peru, increasing to six units its fleet of tugs in the country. The new units received the names “Tayco Rasac” and “Tayco Rondoy”.

Christopher Taylor, Executive Vice President of Empresas Taylor, stated, “The new units are part of an investment program we have developed for the next five years, which will permit us to enhance our tug service in Peru, as demonstrative proof of our commitment to the clients of our Company in the country”.
Both azimuth stern drive units, incorporating the latest technology and high quality standards, were designed and built by Damen, the Dutch Shipbuilding Company, in their Song Cam Shipyard, located in Viet Nam. The vessels have a Bollard Pull in excess of 60 tons and are designed to operate in harbor towage and, in consideration of their dimensions, high maneuverability and power, are ideally fitted for working in confined spaces.
Both tugs are destined to serve the Callao area and complement the current fleet formed by the tugs Tayco Alpamayo, Tayco Ampato, Tayco Salcantay and Tayco Huascarán that serve our clients in ports of Peru.
Empresas Taylor S.A. is a significant player in Ship Agency, Towage and Logistics on the West Coast of South America, with an important share of Towage operations in the Peruvian market.

Víctor Küllmer (Director Empresas Taylor), Rocio Ponce (Madrina Tayco Rasac)

In November, at the Antidique berth of the Naval Base in Callao, the formal reception and naming ceremony of Tayco Rasac and Tayco Rondoy was held in an event that gathered over 100 guests, including clients and friends of Empresas Taylor in Peru, as well as stockholders, Directors and main officials of the company.
On this occasion, Empresas Taylor S.A., with over 50 years of history in shipping and logistics on the West Coast of South America, and during which time has received the legacy of ancient maritime traditions, wished to uphold the age-old custom of appointing a sponsor to name the vessel on its first encounter with its maritime medium. Thus, prior to the blessing of the new units and the cutting of the inaugural ribbon, their respective sponsors named the units, the honour being for Ms. Emma Ravera Taylor, granddaughter of the Company’s founder Ian Taylor MacAuliffe, as sponsor for Tayco Rondoy and Mrs. Rocio Ponce, Country Manager for Ian Taylor Peru as sponsor for Tayco Rasac. Both fulfilled the tradition of breaking a bottle of sparkling wine on each vessels bow, enabling them to initiate their designated tasks.

Günther Sprätz (Chairman Empresas Taylor), Elizabeth Pollmann de Taylor (Vice Chairman de Empresas Taylor), Rocio Ponce (Country Manager Ian Taylor Perú, Jorge Acevedo (Director Ian Taylor Perú)


Empresas Taylor dedicates a new Port Services Launch, strengthening presence in Concepción Bay

The unit is part of an investment plan aimed at optimizing services of its related company, Ian Taylor, in Chile and Peru.

In the year of its fiftieth anniversary, Empresas Taylor has developed an investment plan in Chile and Peru with the purpose of renewing and strengthening the fleet of its leading subsidiary, Ian Taylor, thus fulfilling its commitment to provide excellent service to its customers.

In fulfillment of this aim the Pilot and Port Launch “Taylor Alicura” received the traditional blessing and dedication at Berth N°1 of Talcahuano TTP Terminal, becoming the first of three units which the company will receive this year and which will reinforce Ian Taylor’s fleet of launches in Chile.

“These launches and others we are planning will allow us to give safe and efficient support to vessels calling at Chilean ports,” stated Christopher Taylor, Executive Vice President of Empresas Taylor.

Referring to Empresas Taylor’s Investment Plan Christopher Taylor added that, in addition to the new launches in Chile, the Company is also increasing its fleet of Tugs in Peru. “Shortly, Ian Taylor Peru will commission and dedicate a couple of ASD Tugs of more than 60 tons Bollard Pull, built by Damen, the Dutch Shipbuilder, one of which is FiFi-1 enabled, allowing us to enhance our Tug offer in Peru.”

The Pilot and Port Launch “Taylor Alicura” was built in 2016 at the Ascon shipyard in Puerto Montt and is steel hulled, has a capacity for transporting up to 11 passengers and crew, a Bollard Pull of 6.5 tons and an operational speed of 12 knots.

The launch was dedicated by Father German Hermosilla, Pastor of the Parish of “Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria” of Tomé, and the Lady Sponsor was Mrs. Gabriela Schmidt.

Shortly, the Company shall receive Launches “Batro” and “Calafquen”, which shall be stationed at Valparaiso Bay and Coquimbo Bay, respectively.


Ian Taylor contributes to new EUKOR service to port of Arica (Terminal Portuario Arica – TPA)

Attended by Ian Taylor, MV “Morning Camilla” operated by EUKOR Car Carriers, discharged more than 750 vehicles consigned to DERCO on May 12th at Berth No. 4 of Terminal Portuario Arica (TPA), initiating a new service to that port, with the object of transporting cars and trucks for the markets of northern Chile and Bolivia.

With this new EUKOR service, Ian Taylor – the Ship Agency division of Empresas Taylor- provides additional options to vehicle importers who wish to supply the north Chilean markets and especially the Bolivian markets, with which TPA maintains a strong link.

EUKOR operates an extensive and modern fleet of car-carrying vessels, including some of the largest in the world of their type, transporting over 4 million vehicles per year around the world. Its shareholders are Hyundai Motors and Kia Motors (20%), Wilhemsen of Norway (40%) and Wallenius of Sweden (40%).

In 2014, EUKOR nominated Ian Taylor’s San Antonio Agency, Best Agency Worldwide by Operation Section, confirming the operational excellence and high level of efficiency obtained by Ian Taylor in its half century of history. This background has led Empresas Taylor to become a relevant player in the Regional Logistics market, with an active presence in Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia.


Ecuadorian Navy commends Empresas Taylor on global service to Training Ship “Guayas”

Empresas Taylor, through its subsidiary Ian Taylor, was the logistic supplier for the Navy Training Ship “Guayas” on its global training voyage.

The Ecuadorian Navy commended Empresas Taylor on the Agency Services rendered to its Training Ship “Guayas” during its Training Voyage 2015-2016.

The vessel called at the port of Valparaiso on its penultimate port call of its worldwide tour which took it to 26 ports on five continents.

The commendation was presented to Empresas Taylor by the General Commandant of the Ecuadorian Navy, Vice Admiral Ángel Sarzosa, who visited the Head Office of the Company in Valparaiso to deliver the Navy’s appreciation for the services rendered to the Training Ship Guayas during its voyage.

During his visit, Vice Admiral Sarzosa commented on the “importance of having good worldwide agency support”.

Christopher Taylor, Executive Vice President of Empresas Taylor, remarked “for Empresas Taylor it is particularly important to deliver service in every country where we have presence. For the Ecuadorian Navy, the coordination for each port call is of paramount importance, as these requirements are subject to time restrictions and it is vital that all the vessel’s logistics and support needs are coordinated and operate like clock

work, ensuring a good Agency service, generating efficiency and synergy in a complex project such as that of the voyage of the Guayas.”

Empresas Taylor and its Global Network

The services supplied by Empresas Taylor to the Training Ship “Guayas”, from the start of its voyage the 12th of May 2015, include the booking of berths, supply of tugs, pilotage services, hire of vehicles, support in official ceremonies and the provision of a total of 114.000 gallons of Gas Oil.

In this respect, Christopher Taylor emphasized that Empresas Taylor is able to deliver these services in various ports worldwide to

The executive stressed that “we are in a worldwide network of agents, which allows us to deliver first rate service anywhere in the world, with the same standard and quality that we have provided in Chile during 50 years”.any customer who may require this.


New Country Manager for Bolivia

With the purpose of extending its presence on the West Coast of South America and contributing to the fulfillment of its Business Vision, Empresas Taylor has decided to establish an office in the city of Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

To lead this new project, Mr. Juan Carlos Pereira joined Empresas Taylor in October 2015 as Country Manager.

Mr. Pereira is an engineer and possesses an extensive background and experience in Logistics, and since join joining the Company, he has undergone extensive training in Chile, successfully completed on January 22 nd , 2016.

The opening of offices in Bolivia is part of the territorial expansion defined program by Empresas Taylor in its strategic plan.

In this way, Empresas Taylor reaffirms its commitment to satisfying the needs of its customers wherever they may require.


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